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PES 2018

Gamers should have known about the two most wanted soccer games, which lead them to find more about Pro evolution soccer (PES 2018 download). This game was released in mid-September this year, and needless to say, many soccer fans should have gotten their hands on it. There have been many debates about which one is better between PES and FIFA, but of course, each game should have some things that are not available in the others. Now, why there has been so much hype about Pro evolution soccer (PES) 2018 game download, let us dig in further why and how we should get our hands on this game.

PES 2019 APK

Talking about soccer, gamers would want to see something similar to what they know in real life. And not just that, they would want to see lifelike motions in each of their movements and highlights. This is what PES 2018 download is certainly better than FIFA. Most gamers said that they enjoyed the graphics more in PES, although there are still some things that are mismatched. The other thing is the gameplay, PES offers more complexity in the gameplay. Their AI system offers more difficult opponent than their competitors, players don’t have to look for another player to compete with them because the higher difficulty CPU could definitely put players in trouble.

Download PES 2019 Game For Android 

PES 2018 Game


The downloading part is very easy it is similar to the way you download the apps normally from the play store and even though if you are not sure about it then just follow the steps given below.

  1. Initially, download the apk from the above link 
  2. Then go to settings >> Security>> Allow Unknown Sources
  3. After than install the app and it will as you to restore the data
  4. Restore the data, Click allow to everything and boom now you can rock the game.

Alright that is about downloading part and now lets discuss about the features of Pro Evolution Soccer game

Real Life Experience

This game provides you an amazing gaming experience which mostly feels like you are in the game because of those actions like  way of taking the ball from the opponent or tackling the opponent and with the speed you take the pass or give a pass in this case if you pass the ball in wrong direction or angle or else in the slower speed then your partner misses the ball and the opponent gets the opportunity. So every thing looks real in the game which is an amazing experience.

Awesome Controls 

The gaming controls have a drastic change as there is a lot of improvement in controlling the ball, The dribbling has really good as it look more real not like a designed game  and now in order score a goal has also become tougher even shooting the ball at an angle or direction is more real.


The commentary on PES 2018 download is much more better than before and the way fans reacting to the player shots or to a goal has become very realistic and most entertaining, every bit of the game has been designed perfectly well and the timing of the reactions were amazing. You almost feel like you are playing in between that huge crowd.

Clubs And Teams 

This time you also have enhancement in clubs and teams, There is an addition of some more clubs in the game and now you can choose your favourite players and form a team most importantly stadiums have also been upgraded. The female football players have also added which makes the game more interesting.

Minimum System Requirements 

Android Versions: Compatible to all the versions starting from Android Kitkat to Android Oreo(8.0)

RAM: 1.5 GB or above 

Overall, PES 2018 download offers more challenging modes to the players and that is what they love about this game. You can also try their career mode which you can arrange your own team and play to make your own storyline. This is what makes the most gamer want to challenge in this game. Besides, playing with fellow gamers could be more challenging with more complex gameplay and micro strategies that could affect your whole team’s performance. Playing PES is never as easy as you used to think, isn’t it?

PES 2018 PC Version 

Now pro evolution soccer 2018 is not only available for Android smartphones but also available for PC’s and the game becomes 2 times bigger as it is on the big monitors and eventually you will experience double the best gaming experience while coming to PC’s  and here comes the downloading part if you are interested in getting this game them follow the link provided here pes 2018 

If you want Pro evolution soccer (PES) 2018 game download, you can try to visit the steam store if you prefer to play this game on PC. Unlike the other exclusive games, this game is available across multiple platforms and also on Android. You can enjoy your favourite game anywhere anytime you want with your smartphone. This game is available on Google play store and everyone with an internet connection could get this game and play for free! So before you get your Pro evolution soccer (PES) 2018 game download, better prepare enough space to keep the game on and smooth gaming experience.

The last thing I could say about pes 2018 download is download the game if you are a big FIFA fan or most likely a foot ball fan and i am sure this pes 2018 download apk might fulfil all your requirements and most importantly you get an awesome real world gaming experience. A small game play or in short a trailer video has been given below do check the video to explore more additional features so that you get a clear idea about how the game works.

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