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PES 2019 PC Download( Latest Version)

The PES 2018 is a major hit already and has got lots of applauds from the fans since last year and looks like it isn’t going to stop this year as you can see there are huge amount of downloads on Android, Now comes the good news for PC users, Yes PES 2018 is now available for PC versions too and i hope pes 2018 pc download will also be a huge success. Coming to the game play, you can see a bigger screen now and the picture quality of the game is perfect it looks almost like real more over on addition to big screen the game looks way bigger compared to the gameplay on Android smartphones. In case if you want PC version of this then just follow the link.

PES Download PC

PES 2019 PC Version


Features OF PES 2018 PC Download

  • The main and most important feature is the pes 2018 pc download is available in 17 languages and you can set up in your regional language if it is present in those 17.
  • The next thing is compared to mobile game the PC version gameplay is very advantageous because the players will be visible clearly so there may be a chance of getting more goals.
  • You can now play both the single player and multiplayer on this game but note that you have  a high speed Internet access.
  • The next feature include getting access to the players of FCB with the premium addition.
  • Dribbling mechanics of the player is now very fast which eventually makes the opponents difficult to defend.
  • Goalkeeping is improved now it is way more difficult and challenging to get a goal compared to the previous ones.
  • 2018 version has made all the improvements like more power is required for any pass which is nothing if push the ball with more power then the ball goes more effectively  to your team mate.
  • Lastly, the interface of the game is now very neat and easy to understand which is much better than the previous version


Pro Evo 2018

That was about the features of the PES 2018 game while getting deep into the topic this game resembles to FIFA  but with  many differences in game play. As mentioned before the gameplay looks very real even in the PC version too. One thing that attracts is its amazing game play you will love the game when you start playing it, The reactions of the players when they miss  any goal and the crowd reactions are apt just similar to the real world and coming to the commentary is awesome the way the commentator reacts to the every moment is worth watching.


PC — RAM must be above 1 GB

OS– can be of any thing but not XP

Graphic Card— 500MB or above

Android— Lollipop(5.0)

PES 2019 Android Download

The android version of PES 2018 is available on any third party websites or else you can just follow the link here pes android  and coming to the features of the Android are everything same as that of PC only difference is PC has bigger screen other than nothing has a change or if you want to know more additional features then just follow the link given above you will get as much features as possible.

The conclusion is the pes 2018 pc download is awesome and if you have much love towards soccer games like FIFA then it will be the great choice I won’t say it is completely same but just looks similar to FIFA, So download the game it is free of cost and i am sure you will definitely enjoy playing it. Lastly there is a video regarding the game play is given just have a look at it.


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